Executive Committee

The Executive Committee’s responsibility is to oversee management of the Program in accordance with budgets and plans previously approved by the Board of Directors, and to act within formal powers delegated to it by the Board of Directors and administer the day-to-day functions of the Emmaus Main Street Partners organization (EMSP).

The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the duly elected officers of the Program, the immediate past Chairman, and the solicitor.

(John Hayes, Ron Glassic, John Zayaitz, Jeff McElhaney)

Membership Committee

The membership is the Life -Line of the organization.

The Committee has a yearly goal of growing and rejuvenating memberships.

The committee is focused on building a culture of successful new and experienced members to grow organically and flourish through the Greater Lehigh Valley.

We will strive to share success and rewards by promoting our organizations VALUE. With our passion, integrity and vision.

(Co-Chairs: Ron Glassic, Rick Zayaitz)

Economic Development Committee

Create opportunities and strategies to strengthen and broaden the economic base of Emmaus Borough by retaining existing businesses, encouraging entrepreneurship and attracting new business – we do this by working with the business community and Borough/Valley partners to address concerns and provide support and promotion that results in balanced and sustainable economic growth.

We are dedicated to working with partnerships to enhance the many attributes the Borough offers.

(Chair: Teri Sorg-McManamon)

Marketing Committee

Is driven by a desire to increase EMSP’s visibility in the Borough of Emmaus.

In an effort to achieve this goal, the Committee helps to develop and maintain marketing various materials, including event brochures, promotional flyers and the EMSP website.

The Committee is constantly looking for and evaluating opportunities that can further enhance EMSP’s perceived role in the Borough.

(Chair: Marissa Burkholder)

Fa├žade Committee

Is a collaborative effort between the Emmaus Main Street Partners and the Borough of Emmaus.

Our main objective is to encourage architecturally appropriate improvements to commercial facades.

The intent is to provide a better design through preservation and use of higher quality products.

The goal is to promote the attraction and retention of business operations and enhance the interest in visiting the downtown area.

Owners who utilize the grant program to make improvements are investing in the Borough and downtown area and over time that will foster other owners to undertake improvements.

(Chair: Sal Verrastro)

Retail Committee

Is designed to partner with local businesses support, promote and encourage the growth of Emmaus business district.

This committee provides the community and business with free family friendly events yearly such as Old Fashioned Christmas and Farewell Summer Festival.

(Co-Chairs: Donna Marks, Karri Schreppel)

Events Committee

Some of our events committees include:

  • Golf Committee
  • Farewell To Summer Committee
  • Old Fashioned Christmas Committee
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